A Stockfuse Crash Course

Welcome to Stockfuse! We strive to provide the most realistic and engaging virtual trading experience on the planet. This short tutorial will get you up and running in a few quick minutes.

The first thing that greets you after signing into Stockfuse is the Main Feed. The interface should be immediately familiar if you’re used to traditional social media platforms. Each card on the Feed represents a trade or a news article submitted by our users. You can scroll through the feed to see what other experienced traders are doing.

The next thing you’ll probably want to do is to place a trade of your own. Stockfuse has hundreds of trading games run by ourselves, a wide range of educational institutions, and a growing number of corporate sponsors that you can participate in. But everyone, upon registration, is already enrolled in Stockfuse Continuum (US), our flagship US-stock trading game.

To submit your first trade and start building a portfolio, simply tap on the PLACE ORDER button on the Main Feed. The “New Order” form will pop up and guide you through the entire order submission process step by step.

To get a more traditional view of your account and your portfolio, tap on Portfolios at the bottom of the screen if you’re on our app. If you’re on our website, just click on Stockfuse Continuum under “MY PORTFOLIOS” in the side bar on the left. This brings you to your Portfolio Dashboard, where you can keep track of the latest developments in your accounts, including profits and losses. You can also access a range of professional grade performance analytics from here.

That’s about it. Of course, Stockfuse is packed with many advanced features. So start exploring!