Canceling an Order

Every once in a while, you may decide that a trade you submitted no longer makes sense and would like to cancel it. This can be done easily!

On iOS

  • Tap on PENDING to show all trades that haven’t been executed.
  • Tap on the order you’d like to cancel, revealing its details.
  • Tap on CANCEL ORDER at the bottom.

On the Web

  • Go to your Portfolio Dashboard and click on the Orders tab.
  • Next to each order that is still in the order queue, you’ll find a Cancel button. Clicking on it cancels the trade immediately.


Please note that only orders that haven’t been executed can be canceled. This usually includes market orders that are submitted during non-trading hours as well as limit orders. To maintain the integrity of the Stockfuse platform, we cannot accept request to alter or delete trades that have already been executed.