Order Status

Each order submitted to Stockfuse will receive a status code that can change over the life of the trade. Most orders are eventually “Filled” (i.e., executed); others can be rejected for a variety of reasons. The list below tabulates all possible order statuses you may see on Stockfuse:

  • Queued: The order is currently in our order queue and is pending execution.
  • Filled: The order has been executed successfully.
  • Canceled: You have canceled the order.
  • Exceeds buying power: You do not have sufficient buying power to execute the trade. If you receive this status code, reduce the quantity of your trade and resubmit your trade. If your buying power is already negative, you will not be allowed to execute new trades, but you can still close or reduce existing positions.
  • Exceeds position limit: The order exceeds the maximum position limit imposed by a game. For example, Stockfuse Continuum requires that no single position exceed 100% of your account value at initiation. If your current account value is $100,000 and you purchase more than $100,000 worth of the same stock, your order will be rejected.
  • Market cap violation: The stock being traded violates the allowed market cap range of a game. For example, Stockfuse Continuum only allows stocks whose market caps exceed $100 million to be traded. If you trade a stock whose market cap is lower than $100 million, the order will be rejected. Please note that we use delayed market cap to prevent volatile stocks from going in and out of the tradeable universe throughout the day.
  • Bad quote received: This error suggests that we did not receive a valid quote from the exchange. This usually happens if a stock hasn’t traded at all today, or the bid/ask spreads are too wide for safe execution. In these cases, we’d reject the trade instead of giving you potentially unfavorable pricing.
  • Security not allowed: Trading this stock is not allowed in the game. Some games on Stockfuse only allow trading in a small number of pre-specified securities. You’ll receive this order status if you attempt to trade a security outside the tradable security list.
  • Security halted: Trading in this stock is currently halted on the exchange. This typically happens when there are major news announcements pending.
  • Currency not allowed: If you see this message, you may have traded a stock whose currency is not allowed in a game. For example, Stockfuse Continuum only allows USD stocks to be traded. If you trade a stock denominated in GBX, the order will be rejected.
  • Minimum holding period violation: Some games require that you hold onto a position for at least several business days. If you attempt to reduce or close the position before the minimum holding period is over, the order will be rejected.
  • Short selling not allowed: Some games do not allow short selling. If a short sale is initiated, or if you sell more shares than you currently own, the order will be rejected.
  • Limit order expired: If a limit order hasn’t been executed by the expiry date, it’ll be rejected.