Viewing My Performance

Stockfuse provides advanced performance analytics unrivaled by even professional trading platforms!

On iOS

To review your performance:

Your performance analytics are presented graphically. You can touch a chart to make it full screen. In full screen mode, charts are highly interactive:

  • You can easily toggle between different investment horizons with the controls on the right hand side.
  • Tapping on in the bottom right corner to toggle between cumulative time series and daily data.
  • You can even pan with two fingers on the chart to see the relative changes between two dates!

On the Web

To review your performance:

  • Go to your Portfolio Dashboard;
  • Click on Analytics.
  • In the dropdown menu, select Performance.

Performance Analytics on Stockfuse

Currently, we provide the following performance analytics:

  • Performance is the cumulative (or daily) percentage changes in your account values.
  • Risk-Adjusted Excess Return measures how much you have outperformed (or underperformed) a benchmark index (e.g., S&P 500) after adjusting for the risk you’ve taken.
  • Sharpe Ratio is your annualized return divided by the annualized volatility of your portfolio. Higher Sharpe ratio is preferable, since it suggests that you’re generating more returns for each unit of risk.
  • Rolling 5-Day Volatility is the annualized 5-day rolling volatility. Higher volatility means that your portfolio is riskier.
  • Daily 5% Value-at-Risk measures the dollar amount you can lose in one day with 5% probability.
  • Rolling Beta based on the rolling 1-month regressions of your daily returns against the returns of S&P 500. Higher beta means that your portfolio carries higher market risk.